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We understand that as a busy founder, your time is valuable. That's why we've developed a service to handle the submission process for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

Don't let the tedious task of directory submission hold you back from achieving your goals. Let us take care of it for you.

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No worries I got you! I will add your startup to the vast list of 200+ AI directories

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Boost Your Domain Authority

Increase your domain authority, enhance your online influence and elevate your website's credibility and search engine ranking.
Great for newly launched websites that are just testing the waters of link-building.
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We will manually list it for you

When it comes to listing on directories, our approach will involve a manual process. This means that we will painstakingly curate and arrange the details for directory requirements and ensure precision in the listings.
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Two Hundreds Of Directories

Gain a competitive edge with our comprehensive directory listing service! We'll manually showcase your company on 200s of top-tier directories, propelling your online presence and Domain Authority to new heights.
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Time-Saving with Submission Details

All necessary resources and documents required for the submission are consolidated into one single, organized Notion file. With detailed information such as requirements for login, submission status, and direct submission links, you will save your time and manage your submission process more efficiently.
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You can track all submissions

We'll maintain a comprehensive record of all submissions made through the manual process on Notion and sharing it with you at the end of the process, facilitating seamless tracking and ensuring nothing gets overlooked
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Boost Your AI's Visibility with Our Recognition Service

Imagine you’re a chef who’s just created a delicious new dish.
You’ve spent hours in the kitchen, perfecting the flavors, and now it’s ready to be served.
But there’s a problem: the dining room is empty.
It’s like you’ve thrown a grand party, but the invitations got lost in the mail.

That’s the kind of frustration many AI teams and developers face.
They build incredible tools, pouring their passion and skills into every line of code,
only to find that once it’s ready to share with the world, the world isn’t listening.
It’s not just disappointing; it’s heart-wrenching.

But what if there was a way to send out a beacon,
a signal that draws attention to your creation?
Our service is that beacon.

We help you spread the word about your AI tool,
guiding it into the spotlight where it belongs.
With us, your hard work is recognized, appreciated,
and used by those who’ve been searching for exactly what you’ve created.

Let’s turn that silent dining room into a bustling feast of engagement.

Our Simple Step Process

Because you’d probably be a little confused if we suggested
you complicate your everyday business tasks instead.

Choose a plan for Your Tool

Explore and select your ideal
plan from our offerings. Then Fill out a form with your SaaS details (logo, tagline, description etc)

Submit Ai Tool Details

Submit the essential info about your company. Then I pick around 200+ directories perfect for your SaaS.
I submit your SaaS to these places.

Submission Report

You will receive a detailed report with submission screenshots, submission status and the list of recommended paid directories to launch your SaaS.

Additional notes For You

Approval is subject to the discretion of the directory.Paid directories are excluded. But do not worry, most directories are free.

50+ founders are already submitting faster!

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I instantly saw my Domain Rating increase a couple of points. And if you compare across prices they at least 50%-60% cheaper than competing services. What really stood out was that they used Airtable very well so I got a clear insight and view of what was going on. I would recommend Mayur Pedekar to anyone who is just starting out their business and looking for a way to scale their SEO.

Roy, Project Manager

I'm very happy with the service provided by the team at Mayur Pedekar I liked the fact that submissions were not done all at once, but were instead spread out over a few days resulting in a more steady influx of users.

Filip Stollar

Thanks for saving us time! Before I found Mayur Pedekar on Fiverr, spent hours on Google searching "where to promote my startup" and after several hours I only discovered 4 places.

Dinakar Sakthivel, CEO

I feel the delivery was efficient and done with attention to detail. I also liked the idea of being able to monitor everything in a single Airtable.

Nicolas Jacobeus


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